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Thesord 16-03-2007 04:11 PM

Is this worth playing online?
Long time since I last posted here... Greetings to those that remember me :p

My topic's title says it. Is this game enjoyable online for the PC version? I'm considering PSOBB as a model. I had a lvl 160 or so HUcast and despite the fun I had, I quit BB because I got sick of Sega's useless PR, incapable security system, random server crashes/lag spikes and how EU/US players were neglected when compared to JP.

I've tried reading several different reviews and forums, but they either range from 3 to 9 (10 max) or I find completly opposite comments...

Would like some opinions on the PC version of PSU, I'm playing WoW atm but I'm looking for a change, and a PS- game would be my first choice because of the community here.

K_I_R_E_E_K 16-03-2007 05:37 PM

playing online is mor fun then offline for sure, it is best to beat the zones or even to defeat the bosses.
since you need to have an internet connection to play both on and off, i would say online would be best, you would meet people, talk.......(basicly the same as pso)
the main problem (atleast for me) is the montly fee.......pay to play sucks

bem vindo de volta thesord

Namillus 16-03-2007 08:26 PM

Good lord, it's Thesord. (lol rhyme)

As my signature attests, I play the PS2 version, but since this version shares servers with the PC version, I can provide information about the current service.

PC/PS2 servers were hacked pretty early on, but hacked weapons have pretty much been cleared out of the system (Yes, ST actually did something!). The only lingering problem is hacked Meseta, resulting in excessive inflation in Player Shops, but with the amount of money sinks present (Photon Cubes, to name but one), and no way, as far as I know, to externally inject Meseta at the moment, the intra-player economy should stabilise soon enough.

As far as game updates go, they're happening pretty regularly. We've experienced a few droughts occasionally, but generally content is added weekly. We're not really that far behind the JP servers, since they're in the middle of the Netcash Cup event.

There was also a brief spate of server crashing, but that also seems to have vanished.

As far as lag goes, it's difficult to say. Since I play on the PS2 version, I experience slowdown, at least, where PC players might not, so you'd have to get testimony from such players.

Security... Was GameGuard used for BB? If so, it's back.

Thesord 16-03-2007 09:19 PM

Indeed pay to play does suck...

I did have my share of offline (GC) and online (BB) so I know the differences though.

Ok that is one positive comment I guess, but what about gameplay? Not exactly sure but I heard that in order to get parts/gear, you had to wait some time to create photons or something, and that the result could very likely be something you didn't intend... How would you define the gameplay compared to BB?

Namillus 16-03-2007 09:53 PM

You refer to Synthesis, better known as Item Crafting. This is not required to play the game, but does allow you to create cheaper weapons, albeit with a chance of failing and receiving a nigh-useless item instead. Another advantage of Synthesis for Hunters and other types dependant upon melee weapons is the ability to create weapons with the element of your choice.

Essentially, while you explore missions, items resembling pyramids with a symbol at the point of the spire drop, as opposed to the saber-shapes of Weapons, the diamonds of Tools and Consumables, and the shield-shapes of Armour and Units. These are stored in the fifth page of your items menu. These items range from natural materials (Berries, Woods, Silica, Acids, and Biomaterials) to artificial (Metals, Ores, Photons, Gems, and Chips).

You can buy Synthesis Boards from Synthesis Shops for practically any item at the moment, but sometimes it can be more productive to buy the completed item from the primary manufacturer's store - for example, there is no real need to synthesise casting weapons or guns, since you cannot give these elements during synthesis, only through Photon Art linking, hence, rather than risk failing and spending additional money on more materials, you can obtain a completed version. Note, though, that synthesis boards are about half the price of the actual item, and in addition have multiple uses.

It is not required to synth to progress in the game, nor is it required to feed your Partner Machine. However, feeding the Machine gives you a better shot at synths, and eventually gives you the benefit of a decent battle partner.

Basically, you can buy anything you really need 'vanilla' from the maufacturers. But if you want your own personal touch on a weapon (A Lightning Calibur, for instance), synthing's the way to go.

Thesord 16-03-2007 10:11 PM

I see, so PMs are basicaly interactive mags. Hmm this game is getting my attention, but will be hard leaving WoW and my guild.

One more thing, I did read that the races that you can create are Beasts, Humans and Newman, but what about Xcasts like in PSO?

Kitsadoodles 16-03-2007 11:39 PM

You can create a Human, Newman, CAST, or Beast!
As for the game, I'd say it's a lot of fun online. The lack of content offline gives more of an insentive to play online, which is also much different than the offline game. The economy on the PC/PS2 servers is a bit whacky, but that won't stop you from having fun! Content updates are fairly regular; well, huge ones at least. We might not have everything yet, but the updates have brought some great things so far! You don't HAVE to make your own equipment, for there are always player shops to turn to! If you ask me, this game is worth it online!
Plus, you'll get to see some of us!:)

Vay 17-03-2007 04:12 AM

This game is totally worth it online. Most fun I've had in an MMORPG, I believe. (Offline PSO doesn't count! No people to interract with! :/) The gameplay is pretty fun... you can select whatever weapon types to use based on your playstyle. For example, those who like to play rangers have "stationary" weapons, such as shotgun or rifles, but there are weapons that allow you to fire while using them (I favor these), like Crossbows, Pistols, Twin Pistols, etc.

If you're the type that likes to put in time to get something rewarding in the game, the Ranger or Forces variants availble in the game may interest you, with the way Photon Arts work. Technics and Bullet skills typically take a LOT of time to become powerful, but it's very very fun once you get a few skills up to high power. Hunter classes are a lot of fun as well, as the Photon Art Skills (special attacks, I guess you'd say) level up fairly quickly compared to Bullets and Techs. However, it's more equipment-based, as you can have your character turn from a solid damager (with a 10% elemental weapon, you'll learn more about this as you play) to an absolute powerhouse (35%-50% weapons are simply amazing)!
I am not sure if you've played offline or what, but I find the who way the game works, in leveling up skills, getting lucky or very unlucky with synthesis through your Partner Machinery which you must ALSO level up, attacking missions with different party setups, or solo, even... I haven't run out of challenges yet, and look at my level! (The limit's 80 at the moment.) I find this game to be very worth the 10 dollar monthly fee! I wish I could take a gameplay vid for you if you were interested in seeing how the different classes opperate, but I don't know where I'd get a program like that. :x

Nice to meet you by the way; I'm fairly new here.

EDIT: Didn't read that you played WoW. I did, too, for about a year and a half total, with 3 60's, my mage decked out in BWL gear, etc etc., so I can relate the two games. Whereas everything is kinda handed to you in WoW (skill points on level up, for example), in PSU you kind of have to work to get powerful... thanks to the Photon Art system. Plus, I like not having to commit a few nights a week to raiding, and having to listen to the same 40 people night in and night out on Ventrillo, and yelling at the other Mages to stop overnuking, etc. This game is much more laid back and can be very fun! One of the biggest draws to this game, for me, was the thought that you can pretty much log in for a half an hour and find a party, finish a mission or two, and then go on about your day if you wish. None of this looking for group, or asking your guild for help hassle that many WoW players encounter... Overall, even in its unfinished state, I think it's just a more fun game, period. Or maybe I'm just burnt out on WoW completely, lol.

Double edit: I am on PC, and the only lag I experience is on my end, 'cause my ISP can turn bad sometimes. :)

Thesord 18-03-2007 01:20 PM

Thanks for clearing it up guys. Nice to meet you too, Vay.

I guess I'm gonna buy it and give it a shot, it's a welcome change from WoW after all. Just one thing, I read that a gamepad is required for the PC version, is that right? Can't I just have a button setup like BB?

And if so, which gamepad would you recommend?

Kitsadoodles 18-03-2007 02:21 PM

It isn't required. You can play the game just fine with a keyboard!

Vay 18-03-2007 02:45 PM

I'm keyboard only, but a standard logitech PS2-ish controller you can buy at any Circuit City works great too.

Particle Ghost 19-03-2007 02:25 AM


One more thing, I did read that the races that you can create are Beasts, Humans and Newman, but what about Xcasts like in PSO?
I'd just like to add that it's possible to create a kind of 'retro' HUcast in-game with a recent update. There is a certain 'Part' (which is Cast clothing, essentially) you can buy that gives your Cast character the HUcast look, called 'Hounds Torso' - and trust me, you'll recognise it if you see it. The sister Parts 'Hounds Legs' and 'Hounds Arms' don't echo the HUcast design directly, so if you're like me and just want the classic style I would advise opting for the Hounds Torso at least, and the Hounds Legs and Torso at most - 'cause the arms have this funny, albeit cool, little shoulder pad thing over the right shoulder that just isn't very 'Kireek' at all... :)
The Parts in question cost roughly the price of a small European country, but kick-ass style comes at price, I guess.

Hrith 19-03-2007 10:21 AM

Like Kefka would say: "Join us or die".

Online is infinitely better than offline.

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