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Vay 18-03-2007 02:45 PM

I'm keyboard only, but a standard logitech PS2-ish controller you can buy at any Circuit City works great too.

Particle Ghost 19-03-2007 02:25 AM


One more thing, I did read that the races that you can create are Beasts, Humans and Newman, but what about Xcasts like in PSO?
I'd just like to add that it's possible to create a kind of 'retro' HUcast in-game with a recent update. There is a certain 'Part' (which is Cast clothing, essentially) you can buy that gives your Cast character the HUcast look, called 'Hounds Torso' - and trust me, you'll recognise it if you see it. The sister Parts 'Hounds Legs' and 'Hounds Arms' don't echo the HUcast design directly, so if you're like me and just want the classic style I would advise opting for the Hounds Torso at least, and the Hounds Legs and Torso at most - 'cause the arms have this funny, albeit cool, little shoulder pad thing over the right shoulder that just isn't very 'Kireek' at all... :)
The Parts in question cost roughly the price of a small European country, but kick-ass style comes at price, I guess.

Hrith 19-03-2007 10:21 AM

Like Kefka would say: "Join us or die".

Online is infinitely better than offline.

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