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dnd 28-01-2013 05:57 AM

Valorous Vanguard - Love is in the air!
All-right, so the second part was added by me but hey, its true :p

The new event/patch/expansion (I don't even know what to call these nowdays) for pso2 landed on the 23rd of this month, the main features being:

Valentine lobby, complete with many lovehearts/teddy bears AND the pso1&2 valentine lobby music Picture here
Class level raised to lv55!
Love rappies!
Love rappy costume, love rappy themed weapons (Seen here)
Tons more other costumes, a return of the old 'Toy hammer' from lv46+ love rappys aswell (Both of which can be seen here - which i got both on the first day :s)
A new Emergency quest 'Where's the chocolate' - this involves running around the caves level (which is shaped into a heart, d'awww) saving various female NPC's from emergency code, which escalates into saving the cake sisters at the end.
A new time attack quest, taking place on planet naberius (Forest/tundra/ruins) - unlike the others which have afew puzzles/traps, this one is just a pure killing vest, reminds me of the old maximum attack quests :D.
Advance quests land in part two of this update, of which little infomation is known.

Stuff that i missed out from the last update, because :lazy: and :Forgetful: so my bad :3.

Part 3 of the last patch brought us the darkers den and code: clone.

Darkers den:

To get into the darkers den (or, flag yourself for abuction) you need to jump through the following hoops: Firstly, get a message from koffee about the darkers kidnapping 'elite' arks members. Secondly, get yourself a dark falz or falz Hunar kill (not confirmed, but data suggests this to be true). Thirdly, clear every very hard TA quest at least one. Finally, s-rank any TA 6-times then run to the TA gate and hope the darkers assault and make your campship crash in the den, only to awake to a scrambled message from the arks ship and this site......

once your in, thats it, you have an hour to clear the den, or retire back to the arks ship in shameful defeat (Just kidding). You cant go back to the campship to restock either, because the darkers made it crash, so your limited to 5 revives per person, lucky they are an AOE ^_^;

The spawns are.. insane, for once it actually feels like a real challenge - you find the hardest bosses inside (Triple boosted rare darker bosses, with, seemingly, a million hp+) with all their lovely grunt type spawns. It really is hard to get the picture across, but imagine phantasmal world 3 style maps, but in pso2, now add bosses that will one-shot you without mercy (or hit 700+). Combine that all at once and you have this quest.

After you do all that and clear it, you get cloned! for afew days, or until you kill it enough

Lee-yoshi 03-02-2013 12:26 PM

Jesus! I'm not sure if those Love Rappies look cute or terrifying! lol

Nice to see them sticking with their PSO ways and always doing something for every time of the year :-)

Plus, the darkers den looks & sounds amazing. Hope all this stuff does make it to PSO2 EU.

dnd 04-02-2013 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by Lee-yoshi (Post 231585)
Nice to see them sticking with their PSO ways and always doing something for every time of the year :-)

Until the white day holiday and that annoying wedding march music blasting out in every lobby, I agree :P (Note: The white day holiday lobby has already been revealed, and given pso2's seasonal lobby music has matched pso1&2's holiday for holiday, it wont be a huge shocker if it is wedding march)


Originally Posted by Lee-yoshi (Post 231585)
Plus, the darkers den looks & sounds amazing. Hope all this stuff does make it to PSO2 EU.

It truly is amazing, honestly. Since pre-open beta, even, it had to of been the most fun hour I've spent on this game. IF they release pso2 EU then the darker den (And all this other fine content) should be released, otherwise its a huge let-down already

The information for part two of the update should be being revealed soon, or next week sometime, but for now, Heres a picture of the games producer trying out the AR on the vita. Oh my....

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