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Serpent7 14-06-2005 05:28 PM

Computer problems and/or questions
Basically, if you have a problem with your PC, post about it in this thread, and I'll see what I can do. Of course, some of the other members might know and want to help, and they're welcome to voice their suggestions too. :) When I say "Wing-dang-doodles", that can mean anything, including spyware, viruses, slowdown, internet not working properly, error messages, popups, games not running smoothly... Anything. :P

It would of course be handy if you could tell us some of these things:
  • What the error is. (Duh! :P)
  • What, if any, program(s) you were using at the time.
  • What, if any, website(s) you were visiting at the time.
  • When did it happen? Startup? Shutdown?
  • If it's a virus, the name of the virus, if you know it.
  • If it's perrenial popups, what websites are they showing?
  • Finally, anything else you think is relevant.

Any questions regarding computers can also be made.

Ivan 15-06-2005 03:45 AM

Why does my windows movie maker freeze 9/10 while playing/reveiwing a movie when my computer is an intell pentium 4 processer at 1.59ghz with 768mb ram? :@

Serpent7 15-06-2005 11:04 AM

Do you get an error message? And how up to date are the drivers for all your hardware?

Ivan 15-06-2005 05:38 PM

No it freezes up, and I have to go to task manager and click end program. It says this program is not responding and I have to click end now and start it back up. My computer was state of the art when I bought it in 2000...i dunno if you need any other specs than the processor and the ram...

Serpent7 15-06-2005 08:47 PM

Well, make sure that you've installed all the latest drivers for you graphics hardware, and that you've installed all current Windows updates. If that fails to change things, we'll continue from there. You can check for new driver updates ususally by going to the manufacturer's website. :)

jarl 18-07-2005 09:31 PM

ahh! cunning, this could be useful

right, my grandads computer just crashed, and he tells me that it runs scandisk, gets to 71% and stops. any suggestions? i tried telling him to skip it but he cant which is strange. i know nothing apart from that.

also, im getting a lot of popups recently- im getting them for 'hot flash games' and the downloader (you know, the one saying 'do you trust content from these ppl...', im also getting a few from planet pharmacetuals (sp?) for viagra, and an especially annoying one for 'critical errors on my pc' I KNOW THAT!! LAST TIME I SCANNED IT IT HAD OVER 1300 ON IT!!! another pop up i get is for poker.

any plans for any of those? ive got the google pop up blocker, but that doesnt work :S

the popups appear all the time, one just appeared :@ they also can appear when i DONT have any internet windows open, which is very weird...

~Buddah~ 18-07-2005 11:49 PM

Well my pop up blocker works pretty well with my google pop up blocker (wich sux) go to panicware.com and get there free edition pop up blocker (no trial its totally free) ive had it for about 2 years every now and then i get 1 pop up but not often sorry i caint help with your grandpa

Faulkie 13-08-2005 10:33 AM

My computer - help please?
Ok ok, for the bazillionth time, my brother has inadvertantly downloaded spyware. Usually that would just be common practice but this time is badass! Ok, when you turn on the computer and load up the user profile, instead of the normal background, a thing comes up saying you've been looking at illegal porn, and the FBI knows, etc, and gives you a link to 'get rid of it'. Yeah right. Oh yeah, my brother clicked that too. -_-;; Anyway, the background is some kind of program, but it doesn't show up at the bottom, and task manager has been disabled for some reason, so I have no idea how to get rid of it. Also, anything to do with the internet has been disabled and everything else is really slow. Also, I get these error popups every few seconds. How am I typing this? I hear you ask. Well, I created a new user profile and all the programs are here and it's fine, but won't it spread if I just leave it active on the other profile? Also, since I wouldn't really lose much, couldn't I just delete the old one? If so, how do you do that. Thanks in advance!

Lee-yoshi 13-08-2005 11:06 AM

What Operating System are you using? And by profiles i guess you mean where you have to log onto your little 'account' so to speak to use the computer. If so you just go to the Control Panel, go to 'Users Accounts', select that crapped up account, and go deletey!

A.S. 13-08-2005 11:28 AM

Faulkie, you weren't the one viewing the-nevermind, yuo would never admit it ;o

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