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Shiva 26-07-2007 11:36 AM

My first weapon with 50% elemental!!!!!!!! :D
Just a few days ago, I was thinking to reset my PM, because she isn't pure melee (Str 81 and TECH 19) and the lasts weapons I tried to synth were failure. But just today....... she synthesized a Ank Pikor 50% earth!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :) Vahras will try its power later, hehe.

I'm happy, because I don't have luck synth weapons, and when I succeed, the elemental % usually isn't good enough (10, 12%....).

But now....



Kitsadoodles 27-07-2007 03:08 AM

Holy cow, congratulations! That's HUGE! And perfect for those crazy Go-Vahras too! And stupid bugs.. and robots.. well, you get the point!
Happy Ank Pikoring!

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