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ForeverAugust 12-08-2005 05:08 PM

Chapter 1: Escape

The door to a dimly lit room opened. A shaggy,haggered looking old man in a lab coat entered and slowy opproached the large glass container in the center of the room. A grizzly smile came across his face as he stared at the young newman girl floating in the green liquid. "How are you today my sweet" he said in a mock comforting voice to the unconcious girl. He stood there for a little longer admiring his work before he turned to leave. "Time to check on the other" he said aloud. As he walked down the long hallway toward were he kept the other a small feeling of dread came over him. There had been many... problems with the other. He wondered if there had been any problems today. As he entered the room he gave out a sigh of relief as he saw the shadowy figure floating in the glass container. However his relief was short lived for when he approaced the container the person inside it was not the boy, it was one of the nurses. The man screamed in rage, picked up a chair and smashed the glass container. The nurse fell out to the floor coughing and hacking. "What happened" growled the man. The nurse looking at the inraged face and chocked out the words "he..gone...scaped...elp" then she passed out. "NARL!!! SHIN!!!" yelled the old man. "Yes Dr. Artimous" came a dark voice as two figures stepped out of the shadows. "He's gone, the boy has escaped" growled Dr. Artimous as he began to pace the room. "We're to close for this to happen" he mumbled "It won't work unless we have them both." The doctor turned to the to dark figures "The girl is worthless without the boy" he growled "We need them both, and the boy is to much of a liability to have walking around." One of the two figures stepped foward. He was a ranger in an all black suit, not even his face could be seen, "I will find him" he said in a cold voice. "Yes, Shin you do that, but I want him alive and unharmed, and don't let anyone see you," hissed Dr. Artimous. Shin bowed "As silent as death" and then he disapeared into the shadows. Artimous then turned to the hunter Narl, "contact our spys in the government, make sure they don't know anything, we to close to hve any slip ups." "As you wish" said Narl and he to disapeared into the shadows. "What trouble you are my boy what trouble you are," growled Dr. Artimous "but no worries Shin will bring you back and all will be right again." Dr. Artimous went back to the room with the girl and put his hand on the glass "very soon my sweet, very soon."

The boy breathed hard as he ran through the complex. He had know idea were he was or even who he was, all he knew was that he had to get out. The complex appeared to be under water but the boy had no time to stop and look around, he knew the man in black would come for him, he always did. The boy ran up the stairs to the next level, I have to get to the surface he thought. He turned the corner and saw two nurses approaching. He ducked into a room which seemed to be some sort of armory. Perfect , thought the boy as he pulled on black hunter gear, strapped a sword to his back, grabed a small explosive, and peeked out the door, the nurses were gone. The boy continued down the hallways, in and out fo rooms, and up more stairs. He was getting close, he could feel it. Then he stopped. There infront of him were two huge metal doors, and the boys way out. He tried to open it but it would not budge. Blast , he thought as he looked around but saw nothing that would help then he remebered something. He ran back down the stairs until he came across it, the window. It was thick rienforced glass, and an entire sea lay beyond it but it was the only was. He strapped the explosive to the glass and stepped back. The window shatered by the force of the explosion and water began to pour in. The boy foreced his way through the incomeing tide of water and swam with all his strength to the surface. I'm free , the boy thought as he washed up on a beach. After he cought his breath he began to run again. He knew the man in black would come but this time would be different. This time he was out of the complex and this time he was not going back into the glass, back into the darkness, were the nightmares were. "I'm free" the boy whispered to himself, and for the first time in years he smiled.

ForeverAugust 14-08-2005 05:01 AM

Chapter 2: Memories and Nightmare's


The boy awoke from his sleep screaming, covered in sweat. "Get out of my mind" cursed the boy. Ever sence he escaped the complex he has had this same nightmare. "What does it mean" he gasped to himself. He got up and looked around. He was in a dense forest and could here the howls of the savage and barbarous wolves pieceing the night air. "Rico... Flowen... who are they?" the boy asked himself as he strolled through the tree's. It had been at least a month sence he escaped the complex, yet he still had no answers to any of the question's he had. As the boy sat and contumplated his dreams he heard russeling in the trees. He silently got up and slipped into the shadows hopeing he hadn't been spotted. Could it be the man in black? , he thought to himself as he scanned the trees above. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. The boy dived foward, drew his sword and turned to face his opponent. "Exellent reflex's" came a calm voice "but what is a kid like you doing out in the forest at night." The boy staired at the man. He wore long blue robes and seemed to be supporting himeselg on a long stick with a animal's head on the end of it. "Who are you?" hissed the boy coldly. "Me?" asked the man as he sat down, "My names Kein, I'm the hermit of the forest, and who pray tale are you?" The boy stared blankly at the old Force, "Me, I'm..." he looked at the old man for a little longer and a sence of calm came over him. The boy knew he could trust this man. "I don't know who I am" said the boy a slight shake in his voice "I can't remeber anything." The old man got up "No name eh? Well that won't do, if you got no name I won't know what to call you, hmmm now lets see." The boy just stared at the old man wondering what he could be thinking. "I've got it" said the Kein so suddenly that it made the boy jump "why don't I call you August?" "August?" asked the boy quenstionably. "Yeah well it's my favorite month, and I'm not to good with pickin names anyway," chuckled the old man. The boy smiled "August, hmm I kinda like it." "Very good" said the old man "now come with me, it's way to cold out here." August followed Kein deep into the forest until they came to a small cottage. "You live out here?" asked August. "I told you" said Kein "I'm the hermit of the forest. The cottage was very small, it contained a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, but Kein pulled out some extra blanket's and August curled up on the floor and fell asleep.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" August screamed as he awoke from yet another terrible nightmare. "What's the matter child" came Kein's voice from what seemed like very far away, "You were calling out in your sleep." August looked around, everything was a blur, but he could make out the figure of Kein kneeling down next to him. "Na.. Nothing," he said "Ju... Just a bad dream." "Ke... Kein," he said "What do you know about Flowen?" Kein sat back and looked at the boy quizickly, very few people on ragol didn't know about Flowen. "Flowen was a great hunter," he said "We owe this planet to him and Red Ring Rico." August eyes got wid and Kein saw someting shift in the back of them "You know about Rico?" Kein stared at the boy deep in thought, Who is this kid? we wondered to himself. "Tell my August, why so intrested?" August stared at his trembling hands "I keep haveing nigtmares about them, I here them screaming, something was after them, something bad, then I see a newman girl floating in blackness, she seems very familiar, she's a force like you, I don't know how I know that I just do..." August looked up at Kein "...Is she Rico?" Kein shook his head, "Rico and Flowen were both hunters." August looked intently at Kein, "I have to find out who she is, she's all I remember excpet for the complex and the man in black." Kein looked at the boy, a very concerned look came across his face "Complex, Man in black?" August looked at Kein for a a very long time "can I trust you?" Kein looked at August intently "that is a choice you must make." August considered his reply and knew that he could, he took a deep breath and told him everything he remebered about the complex, the man in black and his escape.

A dark figure walked quitly throught the forest. Not even the native animal's could sence his pressence. He came across a small campsite and some footprint's. "You can't hide from me boy" he whispered as he followed the tracks, "I will always find you." The tracks led deep into the forest to a small cottage. Though his face could not be seen the man was smileing widely. "Looks like you made a friend," he cackled as he mounted a Red Scorpio on his shoulder and fired. The cottage erupted into flames, bits and piece's of it landing all around the forest. "Knock, Knock."

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