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Teh EkwEE 05-03-2005 01:48 AM

Arts Guild
I was thinking that since there are always us aspiring artist asking for tips and advice on their works we could sticky this and that would give us a place to give...........advice.

So I was thinking this was the way this could go, we would have to have the person submit there art in a thumbnail, or a writer, submit their pieces in a link. While we can still use the normal art/fan-fic threads to tell the person what we think of their piece. This sticky would be more on giving the artist advice to help improve their skill. So what do you all think?

Deadly Zero 05-03-2005 03:44 AM

yeah we could be like the two to give more advice or we could PM some of the good drawers on these forums and have them help us out with all the question that are asked

Teh EkwEE 05-03-2005 03:46 AM

Not only that, but we can have some of the good fan-ficcers give advice on someone's writing piece.

Deadly Zero 05-03-2005 03:52 AM

yeah that two. hopefu;;y more people will read this thread so it wont be closed anytime soon because i like giving advice for some reason. lol

Teh EkwEE 05-03-2005 03:53 AM

I was hoping Mr. Shoe would make this into a thread. He hasn't been on this fourm today so he hasn't seen it.

Poo Fly 08-03-2005 11:03 AM

oooh, can i help give advice?

Deadly Zero 09-03-2005 02:58 AM

yes you can poo fly

Teh EkwEE 09-03-2005 08:45 PM

That's the point. So everyone can help everyone.

Todd 10-03-2005 04:36 AM

You should make it a club like thing. Almost like the shadow council in the way where one can join and become a member.
If so, would I be able to join? I'm a farliy good drawer. And I have some artwork to post.

Deadly Zero 10-03-2005 04:50 AM

Yeah but if we made a clan could i be the one who decides who joins you know like shade since he is our clan leader but to make a clan dont we have to have a webpage? that has some stuff like art and pso things. like we could ask sol if we can use this sites info to help us build our own site as long as we give credit where credit is due and advertise this website or something like that if you all know what i mean. A name for the clan though.... a clan name like ZOE or as many of you know Zone of the enders. im a big Xenogears/Xenosaga, PSO, Zone of the enders, and ZOE2 the second runner fan so if we do make a clan what to name it. any ideas??

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