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Conversation Between pso king and zerothefirst
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  1. zerothefirst
    02-08-2009 03:08 AM
    well X's real body was destroyed all thats left is he's like part of some comp where he can at least show up and talk to people.
    and ya I know theres still a rumor that theres supposed to be a MMZ5 to link it up with MMZX as well as an X9 to link it up with the zero series and finish it up since they kinda left those 2 series open
  2. zerothefirst
    31-07-2009 11:45 PM
    X is supposedly the most powerful reploid because of his emotions but zero's made the same way but he's cooler and does everything much better not to mention x gets killed in the megaman zero games but its also a dissapointment that you arent the real zero in the MMZ games but a copy that the real zero implanted his thoughts and everything into because he was badly damaged in a war and the real zero's body turns out to be the last boss in MMZ3 and a side boss in MMZX but still cool either way
  3. zerothefirst
    31-07-2009 05:18 AM
    -_- dont assume me with twilight, and as you can tell from my name i'm zero a long living reploid and the coolest one and strongest one at that
  4. zerothefirst
    30-07-2009 02:13 AM
    idk just an ordinary person thats over-exerted his life span XD jk
  5. zerothefirst
    28-07-2009 06:28 PM
    lol well i'm only about 200,000 years old so i guess i'm an old man
  6. zerothefirst
    28-07-2009 01:06 AM
    lol well whenever your able to get on again hope to cya then
  7. zerothefirst
    27-07-2009 01:48 AM
    I dont know if it actually matters to you anymore but I found out that crono at the ******** server stopped deleting accounts in about late january. Just thought i'd share that with you
  8. zerothefirst
    19-06-2009 09:23 PM
    one more week till what?
  9. zerothefirst
    24-04-2009 01:44 AM
    I think you have to at least be able to log into the lobby I always log into the lobby and start a room and then log off thats only because im paranoyed about losing all my stuff to chrono
  10. zerothefirst
    18-04-2009 05:07 AM
    that would be hilarious and somewhat odd if that actually happened.

    also chrono closes your account after 90 of it being inactive you can still grovel to him if its been closed for him to re-open it for you your still not guaranteed that he'll open it back up though.

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