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Conversation Between REIA and Kaiden_Indou
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  1. Kaiden_Indou
    06-08-2009 03:32 AM
    Hey it's been a while. I just recently revamped an old computer so i could maybe get PSO to work on it I hope
  2. Kaiden_Indou
    06-06-2009 10:47 PM
    For now Until my friend builds me a new comp for about $500 then im going back to my PC for a while. I have to get a new PC anyways to test a game a friend is making.
  3. REIA
    04-06-2009 05:24 PM
    That means you are a 360 player
  4. Kaiden_Indou
    04-06-2009 01:13 AM
    Sadly I am not on either. My PC is in the graveyard now (after 6 good years of upgrades) and I dont own a PS2. I am However on PSU I just need to renew my guardians licence.
  5. REIA
    03-06-2009 01:39 AM
    Hello Indou! Are you in the PC/PS2 server?
  6. Kaiden_Indou
    31-05-2009 09:05 AM
    Hi there it's nice to meet a fellow CAST. My name is Indou, Kaiden Indou its nice to meet you Reia.

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