View Full Version : If you've applied for Group Membership through the 'User CP'

05-11-2005, 12:36 AM
Hey Ragolers and Ragolettes!

Wow, i apologise for this, but if you had previously applied for Group Membership to Team Ragol.co.uk through the User CP or any other method that required direct approval from me, i'm sorry but i've only just checked up, and it seems i've gotten requests from people from July floating around there!

If any of the following people are still considering joining our Blue Burst team, please post below!

Jimbo1990 K_I_R_E_E_K Hayami Deadly Zero

If you'd like to join Team Ragol.co.uk, you're much better posting in this Ragol.co.uk Forum Thread (http://www.ragol.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=6916).

As to why i've never checked for applications through this link up until now? Well because the system doesn't tell me when i've got direct applications! As with every Hosted Fansite/Klan on these forums, Administrators must check their 'Group Applications' from the 'User CP' menu, so i also advise all other Hosted Fansite Admins to check there now! I'm guessing it isn't the most clicked link in the menu! :P