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15-08-2005, 03:53 PM
<strong>Japanese Talent</strong> <img src="/images/PC.jpg" alt="PC" width="8" height="8">
<font size="1">[ Lee_yoshi - August 15 2005 - 10:53 AM ]</font>

<P align=center><IMG alt="International Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst" hspace=0 src="/uploads/psobb_usart_2.gif" align=baseline border=1></P>
<P align=left><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Sonic Team of Japan have just had a recent <EM>Blue Burst</EM> competition where the hundreds and thousands of fans had the chance to submit their own work of <EM>PSO: Blue Burst</EM> nature directly to Sonic Team themselves. This was done in the form of both a artwork competition, and a music competition! Artists out there could either produce a masterpiece in&nbsp;visible form or in musical form!</FONT></P>
<P align=left><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">The results? Well the best submissions are now available for all to see on the Japanese <EM>Blue Burst </EM>website at psobb.jp, with the top 5 music entries </FONT><A href="http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/contbgm.html"><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">here</FONT></A><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"> (</FONT><A href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/urltrurl?lp=ja_en&amp;trurl=http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/contbgm.html"><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">English</FONT></A><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">) and top 92 artwork entries </FONT><A href="http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/contill.html#06"><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">here</FONT></A><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"> (</FONT><A href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/urltrurl?lp=ja_en&amp;trurl=http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/contill.html#06"><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">English</FONT></A><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">).</FONT></P>
<P align=left><FONT face=Arial>My personal favourites were images <A href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/urltrurl?lp=ja_en&amp;trurl=http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/illust/ill0631.html">31</A>&nbsp;&amp; <A href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/urltrurl?lp=ja_en&amp;trurl=http://psobb.jp/community/event/fanniversary/illust/ill0611.html">11</A> , and the tune 'PINNACLE' (Performed by Rynn). Why not let us know which ones you found the best in our <A href="/forums">forums</A>? ^_^</FONT></P>
<P align=left><FONT face=Arial>If you play the Japanese version of <EM>PSO: Blue Burst</EM>, you'll be able to find all the same images in the game for a limited time, with the musical finalists possibly being worked into the game in the near future! Here's to hoping we get the same kinda competition!</FONT></P>