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02-07-2005, 01:19 PM
Since the team is up and kicking now, I think it's high time to install a few rules.

I don't want you to think that I wish to set drastic rules, but my point is, it's a team, and we must respect that, we ALL must.

Playing for yourself is disrespectful to the team, and for that you'll be kicked out (with spikey boots).

So from now on, I will ask at least 100 points per team member and per month.
And before you come in yelling and all that, saying that you cannot play that much and so on; let me get this straight:
1) If you're just playing occasionally, why do you want to be in a team? The team system ST instilled in BB is to keep the community even more alive by giving it an on-going aspect, so if you're just playing 10 hours a month, you definitely do not want to be in a team.
It's not that you're not welcome, or an elitist statement, it's just that if you're in a team, you do your job. Being in a team offers privileges, and you're not gonna take advantages of the privileges without sweating a bit.

2) 100 points is nothing, and it will probably increase when Ult is released and most members have high Lv chars.
You can do Fake in Yellow in Hard or Very Hard to get Rappy's Wings, each worth 10 points.
Getting 10 Rappy's Wings requires 30 FiY runs, don't tell me you cannot do 30 FiY runs in one month.
Not mentioning that it's even easier in Ultimate.

Also, 100 points is gonna be the entrance fee. That only means two things:
-you cannot join the team if you're not at least on hard.
-you do not have to give another 100 points for that month.

So, for now, members that did not do ANYTHING during June, 0 point and 0 kill in MA1 (AOL Cup) will be removed from the team -- temporarily, if they wish -- until they can show some support.

I know some of you had exams, and I'm not even implying that PSO is as important as RL or anything of the sort, but I was really disappointed in 5 members out of 10 doing absolutely nothing, and I won't let that happen again.

Let's make it clear, I don't want to be the best team out there, I do not see that as a contest, but I want a good team, and people taking and not giving will be excluded.

To conclude, be aware that Lee is the boss, not I >_>

But I'm Lee's dark side...

Anti Hacker
02-07-2005, 04:08 PM
Good rules, I made 210 points in one day so i dont see anyone complaining about 100 pts. Maybe i will disband the IL team because not many of us play BB, also, IL is a sub faction of RF so technically I could join you guys. Maybe I will. I think these rules are a good founding for ANY team.

02-07-2005, 04:21 PM
You don't even have to farm FiY to get good team points. Certain section IDs (Bluefull, Purplenum and Yellowboze IIRC) have 7 Vhard Forest drops that are worth 10 team points.

Even with my Viridia (only 4 10-point drops), I can run Lost Heat Sword and pick up team points for my team fairly easily, with the added bonus of not being bored to death like I would be by FiY runs.

Fabo Craven
02-07-2005, 04:27 PM
i dont do FiY runs either,ive was doin FoS runs for Final Impact and got tons of hilde heads. so 100 points in a month is not too bad. i know i can do that in a day or two(if i want to)

02-07-2005, 07:11 PM
FiY was just a suggestion, and if anyone has questions about getting easy 10 star weapons for their ID/Lv, I will help, I'm here to help.

And 100 points is a MINIMUM, I gave 300 this month, and I was mainly hunting units =/

02-07-2005, 07:18 PM
yes mum :wacko:

Fabo Craven
02-07-2005, 08:12 PM
Also, 100 points is gonna be the entrance fee.
so they have to have 100 points ready for pwning before they are allowed to join?

03-07-2005, 12:40 AM
Lol! Nice kefka, but just a few things to say ^_^;;

I agree with the main aspect of your rulings, and am happy to enforce them. If you're in a team, you've gotta be a team player. You only get what you give, and if you dont give, you shouldnt get anything. Being on a team has many priviledges that i would like to take up in the near future for everyones enjoyment, such as the possibility of exclusive team quests and events only accessable through teams previous efforts from point donations, for one example.

However, as we've seen already from the past month, not all of the team has been active much (Very likely due to June being exam month - But even so), infact only about 4 of us were active point collectors, with the other 2 or 3 online. Im happy to see team members online and active, and i like it, but online or not, some contribution, no matter how big, is what im talking about.

Its a game, and i dont want to leave the loyals to the website/forums behind because that is primarily what the team is all about, Ragol.co.uk's community, while at the sametime, i do want it to be an active team, who feels the Blue Burst love strongly, and a fairly half decent team at that ^_^

So here's what we're gonna do:

We won't have a 100pt limit to enter the team, and we'll let you into the team free of charge (Giving your appilcation is a success!) - However you have to have at least SOME (E.g. 20pts) by the end of your first week, or just be a very much active player (Should you be a currently low level character) and be a team player, of course! After that, as long as you have gathered some more points and got yourself well on the internal team leaderboard (Menu > Team > Point Info), you can happily stay in the team.

I dont think we are squabbling for applications at the moment, so with the recent expansion of our team to a 20 member limit, everyone who is currently in the team will be staying, as well as n00bs to the team, until we get to the point where we have filled our teams limit, where we'll be knocking off the last on the leaderboard going by inactivity, lack of support to the team, lack of point donation, etc etc.

Sound fair? Good! That way we 're not limiting the amount of newcomers to the team aswell as playing about with the big boys who have the opportunity to earn rares and team points :D

03-07-2005, 11:17 AM
Yes, I agree, Lee, but I do not want to see what I saw in June anymore, which was:
player 01 = 300 points
player 02 = 250 points
player 03 = 100 points
player 04 = 50 points
player 05 = 0 point
player 06 = 0 point
player 07 = 0 point
player 08 = 0 point
player 09 = 0 point
player 10 = 0 point

And I mean it, never again.

You're right about the fact that we're not full, so they're not taking spots.
But I still resent it, and I'd rather have a 5/20 team, with active members (again, not necessarily as active as Fabo, Nick or myself), than a 15/20 team with only 5/15 active.
Well that's my opinion, so I'm just saying =]

10-07-2005, 11:49 PM
Yes, i do hear what you are saying Kefka. I will take some kinda action on the subject, hopefully tommorrow depending on just what im doing and what time i get up :P

Anti Hacker
13-07-2005, 11:32 AM
I want to get 1k of points in one month, next time that will be my goal. If I can do that it will be a totally awesome record.

13-07-2005, 12:34 PM
to be honest I dont think that will be too difficult, I got 50 pts in an hour and 30 mins

Anti Hacker
13-07-2005, 09:58 PM
I got 210 in a couple of hours once but that luck will never grace me again...

16-07-2005, 04:53 PM
Well there's always the luck factor..
For all that you know, you can be unlucky to the point of playing a lot of hours each day for a month and only make around 50 points :P

Fabo Craven
18-07-2005, 12:54 AM
i play alot and find very few rares-but i do play alot of ep 4 Hard mode for the accursed Yunchang!!