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31-05-2005, 12:23 PM
Hi everyone!

A few people I play with on Blue Burst have been asking how I got my [cool] Pitri mag. Well, I got the mag cell for it from doing a few special things on the AOL Sunset Base quest (which is an 'event' quest in the one-player game).

In forest one the path is pretty obvious (after accepting the device), apart from the timed section where you need to go through certain warps. You could work it out, but here's the order you need to them in :P:
Being careful of mines the whole time, take the path second from the left, separated by a single blue laser fence. Follow this path all the way round, it will turn into the wall, keep following it, and it will turn around once more. Take this teleporter. When you have teleported, use the next teleporter behind you. This will take you directly facing the door you go through next! If you took too long, and the red lasers are up again, there is a teleporter to the start of the room on your left. Following through this door and the next is a switch to turn of the lasers where the rappy is trapped, with a warp back handily placed behind. Go see the rappy, and after witnessing just how (scarily) strong rappies are, go to forest 2.... I mean the "Rappy Sunset Base".

There are hundreds of rappies here that all want help, but don't worry, you only actually need to help a few. Head down the ramp and talk to a rappy who'll tell you he's thirsty. Head right the way round the forest till you come to second main room with lots of water on one side. Talk to the rappy on the small metal ledge that leads into the water, who will, luckily, give you some water! Go back to the thirsty rappy (thankfully you can take a little shortcut this time) who will give you "pretty butterfly" (I'm sure are actually loads of them..) for your water. Go up to the dome teleporter room now, and over to the silly rappy behind the laser fence. When she sees you have a pretty butterfly, she'll run off the switch she stupidly stood on (which was keeping the laser fence up). You have now completed the quest, and will be treated to 'smile'! You haven't got that mag cell you wanted though, so let's do that! Don't talk to anyone unless specified!

Head back down to the room where you teleported to the dome. Turn left and talk to the rappy in the little opening, Rapyos, who will give you pretty clothes. Go back into the long forest room, and into the small room on the right. Tell the rappy in here his letter is fine, and take it to the rappy in the oval room, Rapymes, on the opposite side of the long one. Unfortunately, she can't tell what he's trying to say, so go tell Rapyos. Head back to Rapymes, and ask here about the weather, and give her the pretty clothes. Ask her questions again, but this time ask if she likes anyone. After hearing her, back to Rapyos again, this time tell him to be less vague in his letter, then tell him the next one "...needs work." He'll finally come out with it, in the latter you must give to Rapymes. She seems more pleased with this one, so go tell Rapyos again, who will give you Mag Cell 502 for you work! Talk to the rappy who you friend by letting her so the butterfly to get some meseta and telepipe back to P2.

Note: You only get the cell if you do it on hard, and can only do it once.

Hope this helped!