View Full Version : I'll give alot for any of these items

09-05-2005, 12:27 AM
Agito 1975
Agito 1977
Agito 1980
Agito 1983
Agito 1991
Agito 2001
Akiko's Frying Pan
Akiko's Wok
Alive Aqhu
Amore Rose
Ancient Saber
Angel Harp
Angry Fist
Ano Rifle
Anti Android Rifle
Baranz Launcher
Battle Verge
Belra Cannon
Black King Bar
Blade Dance
Bloody Art
Bluefull Card
Booma's Claw
Branch of Paku Paku
Brave Hammer
Brave Knuckle
Bringer's Rifle
Burning Visit
C-Sorcerer's Cane
Chain Sawd
Chameleon Scythe
Club of Laconium
Club of Zumiuran
Crazy Tune
Cross Scar
Crush Bullet
Custom Ray ver.00
DB's Saber
DB's Sword 3062
DB's Sword 3064
DB's Sword 3067
DB's Sword 3069 (Chris)
DB's Sword 3069 (Torato)
DB's Sword 3070
DB's Sword 3073
DB's Sword 3075
DB's Sword 3077
Dancing Hitogata
Dark Flow
Delsaber's Buster
Demolition Comet
Demonic Fork
Diska of Braveman
Diska of Liberator
Double Cannon
Double Saber
Dragon Slayer
Dragon's Claw
Drill Launcher
Egg Blaster
Evil Curst
Fire Scepter: Agni
Flame Visit
Flight Cutter
Flight Fan
Flowen's Sword
Flowen's Sword 3060
Flowen's Sword 3064
Flowen's Sword 3067
Flowen's Sword 3073
Flowen's Sword 3077
Flowen's Sword 3079
Flowen's Sword 3082
Flowen's Sword 3083
Flowen's Sword 3084
Flower Bouquet
Flower Cane
Frozen Shooter
G-Assassin's Sabers
Gae Bolg
Gal Wind
Game Magazine
Gi Gue Bazooka
Gigobooma's Claw
Gobooma's Claw
God Hand
Guilty Light
Guld Milla
H&S25 Justice
Harisen Battle Fan
Heart of Poumn
Heaven Punisher
Hildebear's Cane
Hildeblue's Cane
Holy Ray
Huge Battle Fan
Ice Staff: Dagon
Imperial Pick
Inferno Bazooka
Iron Faust
Last Survivor
Lavis Blade
Lavis Cannon
M&A60 Vise
Mace of Adaman
Madam's Parasol
Madam's Umbrella
Magical Piece
Marina's Bag
Maser Beam
Meteor Cudgel
Meteor Smash
Monkey King Bar
Morning Glory
NUG-2000 Bazooka
Nei's Claw
Nei's Claw (replica)
P-Arms's Blade
Panther's Claw
Panzer Faust
Partisan of Lightning
Photon Claw
Photon Launcher
Plantain Fan
Plantain Huge Fan
Plantain Leaf
Power Maser
Prophets of Motav
Rainbow Baton
Rappy's Fan
Red Dagger
Red Handgun
Red Mechgun
Red Partisan
Red Saber
Red Scorpio
Red Slicer
Red Sword
Rika's Claw
Rocket Punch
Ruby Bullet
S-Beat's Blade
S-Berill's Hands #0
S-Berill's Hands #1
S-Rank Axe
S-Rank Bazooka
S-Rank Blade
S-Rank Cane
S-Rank Claw
S-Rank Gun
S-Rank Hammer
S-Rank Harisen
S-Rank J-Cutter
S-Rank Katana
S-Rank Knuckle
S-Rank Launcher
S-Rank Mechgun
S-Rank Moon
S-Rank Partisan
S-Rank Psychogun
S-Rank Punch
S-Rank Rifle
S-Rank Rod
S-Rank Saber
S-Rank Scythe
S-Rank Shot
S-Rank Slicer
S-Rank Sword
S-Rank Swords
S-Rank Twin
S-Rank Wand
S-Rank Windmill
S-Red's Blade
Samba Maracas
Sange & Yasha
Sealed J-Sword
Silence Claw
Slicer of Assassin
Snow Queen
Sonic Knuckle
Soul Banish
Soul Eater
Stag Cutlery
Sting Tip
Storm Wand: Indra
Striker of Chao
Summit Moon
Suppressed Gun
Technical Crozier
Toy Hammer
Tsumikiri J-Sword
Twin Blaze
Twin Brand
Twin Chakram
Twin Psychogun
Twinkle Star
Victor Axe
Wok of Akiko's Shop
Yasminkov 2000H
Yasminkov 3000R
Yasminkov 7000V

Ding dong
14-05-2005, 02:11 AM
I'll take a guilty light and a red scorpio. Are these legit? Oh and my friend Deathknocks will pick them up.

14-05-2005, 02:44 AM
You want these items? OR You have these to trade? If you want any of the above mentioned items, do you want them tekked or untekked, as I have alot of them untekked....

14-05-2005, 03:19 AM
Yeah, for some odd reason, even though I'm offline, I decided to check out this part of the forum.

MF, if you are asking for those items, you are listing way too much, and alot of stuff on that list isn't worth trading for. You will also get alot of offers of hacks... ESPECIALLY WITH THE DARK FLOW! IT'S ONLY A HACK! If you are offering these items, then you are a hacker, or accept hacks freely online.

14-05-2005, 07:06 PM
Um.... I think he WANTS those items.
He said "I'll trade a lot for these"

16-05-2005, 07:37 AM
first of all are you on xbox if so i have quite a few of them and im mostly looking for stuff for my force

Dark Phantasy
22-05-2005, 01:07 AM
Basically he's asking for any of them and he'll offer you plenty for them. Its a long list I agree but hes doing nothing wrong, hes listed every good item he can think of and wants to gain some of them by trading for them.

There's no rule against how many items you can want, leave the poor guy alone. If he had said I want one particular item nobody would care, so why care when he wants more than one? If you have one on the list and want to trade then do so, if not stop complaining and spamming when it isnt needed ;)

22-05-2005, 01:59 AM
I think they were just trying to help... in their own way. I mean, this guy listed half the rare weapons in the game (in alphabetical order, no less, as if he copied them from a website). But more importantly, what does he have to GIVE if he wants everything?