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22-01-2005, 05:32 AM
i was recently starting to use materials on my ramarl to increase her stats. i had planned out all of the mats i needed to use and kept track of them. i happened to lose the paper :$ , so now i'm stuck. i was currently working on the power materials and marking it off each time i found and used one, and i used about 43-47 of them and i planned on using 56. so if any of you have a ramarl from level 99-120ish could you please tell me your base power without a mag or ---/power items, also if you know how many power mats you've used, that would be greatly appreciated.

i'm currently lv 98 and have 481 base atp, without a mag, so if i used no materials i would have about 390ish base atp. thanks (edit- i forgot to unequip the weapon so my stats i had before were wrong)

22-01-2005, 01:04 PM

22-01-2005, 04:05 PM
that's not the guide i was following, i was going to use:

56 pow mats - 150 POW - maxed at 1145
73 def mats - 5 DEF - maxed at 577
75 mind mats - 0 MIND - 882, off by 149
-------------- 50 DEX - maxed at 241
1 evade mat ----------- 800, off by 100
45 luck mats ----------- maxed at 100

that way i could get good stats without the use of slot items. i also could max out the mst or evp if i felt like it with some slot stuff, though i really don't care for evp

a week later: ISN'T ANYBODY THERE? DOESN'T ANYBODY CARE? i refuse to believe that no one on this whole site doesn't have a ramarl from lv 98 - lv 120ish. please help, pleeeeeeeeease..............................