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09-01-2005, 02:07 PM
Janurary comes hitting on Blue Burst with 2 new quests! There will be server maintenance on the PC Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst servers during Janurary 11th 2005.

During this time please do not attempt to connect to the servers as if maintenance is happening on your corresponding servers at that time then you will be automatically disconnected after connecting. If you happen to be playing during these times please disconnect otherwise at the time when maintenance starts you will be disconnected from your game no matter what! You are given 10 minutes warning via. constant on-screen messages counting down until the time the upgrades start. This affects all players of the following PC games:

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
Please reconnect after these times where service continues as normal. Being added this month:

In The End of Vision Boundry 2
Make your way back to Gal De Val because, as ever, trouble is about!

The lab is in serious trouble after losing all their research. Its upto you and your team to make the paths from the mountains to the CCA clear.


This quest is playable for 1 - 4 human players.

The West Tower Heaven (Rough translation of JP title)
Now although i havent heard of a quest that goes by this exact title, its still sure to be a great quest, set once again in Episode II.

Battle through the East Control Tower and reach the entry point to the West Tower. What could be easier? Oh, except for the millions of monsters that stand in the way, floor by floor!



This quest is playable for 1 - 4 human players.

Finally, EX attack is being added to all S-Rank weapons gained from completing Challenge Mode, added via. the 'ES Weapon Processing Menu'. Happy Hunting!

09-01-2005, 02:09 PM
More Images!

In The End of Vision Boundry 2


The West Tower Heaven (Rough translation of JP title)

14-01-2005, 10:17 PM
neat! i cant wait till i can get BB. screen shots were great Lee-yoshi

14-01-2005, 11:23 PM
The screenshots on Blue Burst somehow always seem to look a hell of a lot neater and nicer then those from the GC/Xbox games, so itll be inetersting to see how it actually plays when it gets a western release ^_^

The updates they're constantly bringing to Blue Burst though will make it one great game for sure!