View Full Version : Episode IV Release Date Announced!

16-12-2004, 11:13 PM

Episode IV has been revealed to the world! New In-Game Screenshots, New Monsters, New Storyline, Same Characters (Thats you!). Sonic Team have revealed the release date for the Episode IV Expansion Pack to Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst in Japan. Something to look forward to no doubt for all fans of the series... even if you don't live in the land of the rising sun.


3rd February 2005 is the day! The day millions rush out to see Sonic Teams episode in the waiting. Fans have been begging and pleading for so long now, and SEGA have produced the goods ^_^

For all the info about Episode IV, you'll need to enter the Ragol.co.uk Article below, complete with brand new in-game footage too!

Click here to go to the Article:
Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst - Episode IV Lowdown (http://ragol.warcrafttavern.com/articles/EEpFkEAlVAlnddiCbJ.shtml)

Also while on the subject of Blue Burst, Sonic Team also announced that the recent updates for the Nintendo Gamecube versions of Phantasy Star Online, Episodes I & II will be available to Blue Burst hunters aswell, as of right now! The updates i'm refering to are the new difficulty levels in the Xmas quest 'Pioneer Christmas' and the new Gallon Shop Trading Service!


Things are definately looking up for Blue Burster's everywhere. While recently releasing the game also in China, SEGA have yet to announce a date for us in Europe or America.