View Full Version : Everyone Please Read: No more clan requests

22-11-2004, 10:09 PM
Please noone post anymore clan requests until Sol has sorted through the backlog we currently have.

Please no more talking in this forum until Sol has said Yes or No to your clan request

24-11-2004, 03:55 PM
Hey everyone! We've received a lot of pms and requests for klans and forums to be setup latley and its got to the stage where we are going to have to make the application requirements a bit tougher... Here's the new way we recommend you go about requesting your own usergroup and forum:

Either send a PM to any of the administrators (Lee-yoshi, dec or myself) or create a new thread in this forum with the following info:

1. Your klans name
2. How many members there are in your klan currently.
3. Why you think a usergroup and forum would be of benefit to you and your minions.
4. Your klans website URL (Unfortunately this is now a requirement, all klans must have a website or are in the process of setting one up.)

Even if you have recently put in a request for a usergroup/forum please resubmit it with the above info. sorry for the inconvenience.

Have fun!