View Full Version : Ragol.co.uk Card Referendum (theory only)

08-11-2004, 03:21 PM
Most people know how the referendums work, but in case you don't -

ST have held 2 referendums for card changes, where the players vote for 5 cards to be strengthened and 5 to be weakened, the exact details of how this is done is left up to ST to decide. If you want to add how you'd do this, go for it....

So, if the next referendum was coming soon (which it isn't, this is purely hypothetical), what would you vote for? My choices:


Guykild (Before: HP-5; After: HP-2)
Reversal (Before: Cost 4; After: Cost 3)
Acceleration (Before: Cost 4, AP=1; After: Cost 2, AP=2)
Drop (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 1)
Snatch (Before: AP+0; After: AP+2)


Mine Brightness (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 3)
Forest Rain (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 3)
Ruin Darkness (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 3)
Cave Wind (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 3)
Attack = 6 (Before: Cost 2; After: Cost 3)

The weaken list is squarely targetted at making low-cost decks decks a little more expensive to play. My biggest problem with spam decks is how effective they are on a roll of 1-3, I don't think they should be crippled, just a bit more expensive to score reasonable damage.