View Full Version : (Xbox) Free rares of any kind. Requests? Got all *duped*

30-10-2004, 02:59 AM
I am giving away all my rares due to i am selling my game. If you would like to have any rare and have a rare in mind that your looking for I will gladly be able to give it to you. This is a one time thing. I will only have this going until March of 2005 when my brother stops paying for it. I will try everything in my power to find and give you what you want... Although i do not have many of the newer updated items i still have alot of rares you can choose from. There are so many i will not list them. But you can request as many as you want but you can not exceed the list of 20 per person. Have fun!
PM me if you want something or just post it.