View Full Version : Reffering to the sticky

Gynn Rei
17-10-2004, 07:58 AM
Just a little sticky on Forces and each of their class advantages:

FOmar - Lowest HP and defense, and are deplorable in accuracy. However, Shifta & Deband range is doubled while 2nd degree tech attacks have a base boost of 1.5, while grants has a base boost of 1.3. Also best melee force out of force class.

FOmarl - Low HP and weaker attack, yet still maintaning a fair melee posistion. Weaker mind than FOmars. However range for support techniques are doubled. Base boost for grants of 1.5.

FOnewm - Fair melee posistion, while maintaning excellent mind. Excell in 3rd degree attack techniques. Gains TP while idle.

FOnewearl - Low HP, and deplorable attack strength. Not meant for melee at all. Highest mind out of all forces/classes. Good accuracy; excells in 1st degree technique attacks. Gains TP while idle.

FOmar - 2nd degree attacks tech have a base boost of 1.3

FOnewm - Excells in in 2nd and 3rd degree attack tech with a 1.3 base boost.

FOnewearl - Excells in 1st degree attacks tech a 1.3 base boost.