View Full Version : C-Mode Timing Query

14-06-2004, 03:43 PM
Because my ISP is really kind, my line disconnects every 2 hours. However, I really want to do C-Mode online. Can anyone give me the time limits on the different stages please? Most helpful.

15-06-2004, 10:31 PM
go check out my Cmode guides in the guide section. They'll answer all your time constraint questions up til C7. For those i can tell you that an average time on C7 is 35-40 minutes, C8 is about 32-36 minutes, and C9 is 50-60 minutes. Of course you can TA (Time Attack) which is what i prefer to do, and get a total time of less than 4 hours. Cmode isn't as nearly as long as you might think and anyone who told you it was was a very VERY poor player...2 hours on any challenge for either episode is way too much.