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19-05-2004, 05:12 PM
Finally, after a long haul, ive completed Ep2 Cmode! I finally put my mind to it and did it. Its funny too because im already good enough at it to TA it because i had to do it for so long (well that and the enemy layout never changes so its incredibly easy to just memorize where you need to be in order to kill what and go faster). Ive already TAed C1 and C2, ive had to do C3 and C4 enough times that i know everything about them (XD) and how to TA them, and C5 is so basic that even a noob could TA this one with the right team! In any case, i can now start focusing on writing my Cmode guides (i was gonna start my C2 right now but ive posted a lot already and am tired of writing right now, ill do it first thing the next time im on).

20-05-2004, 04:44 PM
you didn't say which weapon you picked, and what you named it ;-;

I need to beat Ep2 C-mode now that I have online again... well, when I buy my HS >_>

20-05-2004, 04:49 PM
oh right ^^, i got the katana and named it ichimnji (for ichimonji which is a brand of katana, and also for kiku-ichimonji, a legendary katana!)