View Full Version : Nintendo DS and the world!

06-05-2004, 06:01 PM
Following the short anouncement of the first Nintendo DS game (http://www.ragol.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=2045), comes a official press release from Nintendo themselves stating how the future handheld has attracted the world! Over 100 different developers already have development kits to start work on games for the Nintendo DS including:

THQ - WWE Wrestling Series
Electronic Arts - Recent James Bond/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter, etc.
Activision - Spiderman Series
Atari - Driv3r
Ubisoft - Splinter Cell/XIII/Harvest Moon
Majesco - Recent Bomberman
Capcom - Resident Evil/Street Fighter/Megaman Series
Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog/Phantasy Star Online/Super Monkey Ball
Konami - Metal Gear Solid
Hudson Soft - Mario Party
Namco - Tekken/Soul Caliber/Time Crisis
Koei - Dynasty Warriors/Mystic Heroes
Square Enix - Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts

Note the games in italic don't mean they're coming out for the DS, just what you may know the company from.

Here's a selection of cheesy quotes Nintendo have added in the release, for obvious reasons!

"Nintendo DS is going to push hand-held technology to uncharted territories. It's going to energize both developers and consumers with amazing new game mechanics and new game design. Once more, Nintendo leads the way with something unexpected and totally innovative."

"The Nintendo dual screen is something that we're really excited about developing for. It's very innovative, which is classic Nintendo."

No doubt the Nintendo DS will secure Nintendo's dominance of the HandHeld console market even after the release of the Sony PSP, both due for a sneak preview at E3 this year (Next Tuesday infact!). This is obviously helped along by Ninty's incredibly popular GameBoy systems which have in total sold over 168 Million units across the 15 years GameBoy's of all different kinds have been out!