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04-05-2004, 10:05 PM
It looks like Microsoft/Sonic Team have finally decided to update PSOX EU. To quote the login message:

[New Quest Information]

The following new quests are now available for you to play!

"Episode II: Challenge, Stage 1"
(Challenge Mode/EP2 Challenge/2-4P)

Have fun!

SonicTeam / Microsoft Xbox Live Team

...and that's all she wrote!

04-05-2004, 10:17 PM
Maintenance on Gamecube and Xbox servers...
[ Lee_yoshi - March 25 2004 - 5:59 PM ]

There will be some essential maintenance done very soon for both the Xbox and Gamecube game servers.


Xbox Players of Phantasy Star Online, Episodes I & II:

(From Sonic Team Japan) On March 26th 2004, Episode II, Challenge Mode 2 will be uploaded to the servers, along with Hanami decorations! During this time you may experience some difficulties accessing and playing online. This could possibly only affect Japanese players/servers.

To the best of my knowledge, Challenge Stage 2 on Episode II is available (On the Japanese servers anyways!) If they've only just got around to putting Episode 2's 1st stage up in Europe....well quite frankly they're very slow! lol

[EDIT] 05-05-04 The news has been added to the frontpage of the site.