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11-03-2004, 09:36 PM
Has anyone played this? Some may describe it as sad, but it's good, in a strange kind of way... no really! :P

11-03-2004, 10:26 PM
it was intresting the first three towns i made, after that its just plain boring *yawns*

11-03-2004, 11:00 PM
I haven't got this game (Obviously, because it's not been released here) but i know plenty of people who have imported the game, and apparently, its quite a good game. It's just never apealed to me though because i thought the graphics were quite poo...

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12-03-2004, 12:22 AM
Graphics are nice and cartoony. I found it quite good. I found the letter writing boring though. I never got chance to see if my keyboard worked with it though. If it did, then the game probably would have been better. I loved digging ^_^.

12-03-2004, 05:59 AM
I played this game and its complete crap

12-03-2004, 10:21 PM
Is addictive for about a month, then when you have the biggest house the novelty goes!

Good game though! (not as good as harvest moon will be!)

14-03-2004, 06:14 AM
:3 Don't get me started on this game. I wanted this game ever since I read about it as Doubutsu no Mori in, like 1998. >.< It never came to American N64s, which was sad, but when I heard about Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Forest) + on GameCube, and that it would be gracing America (and I guess the PAL world, too ^^;) as Animal Crossing...I was exhuberated to say the least! >.< I went out and got the R** for Doubutsu no Mori (actually, it found me and accidentally got installed on my computer....eheheh... It did help me to learn some Japanese characters and words, though ^^;) and downloaded loads of info about it, mostly movies of the Japanese version, stuff from E3, and Totakeke music. :3 Then after it hit America I begged and pleaded for 5 months, and then in February (it came out in September, but I started pleading in August [my birthday]) I was finally presented with a GameCube. T-T That was the happiest day of my GameCube's life. ^^ I had even set up a campaign of sorts to get it. Since I make websites, instead of Christmas/Birthday lists, I'd put AC first of all with lots of pretty pics. :3 Then I drew pictures of AC and put them on my refrigerator and even made puppets. XD I was insane! Anyway, I finally got the GC for $150 at Blockbuster Video, but didn't get any free rentals because they stopped that deal the month before. >.> And since no store in my town had AC, I had to wait and wait while only playing my rented version and without a memory card (I made about 5 towns or that period >.<). Finally, after 1-2 weeks, a little comic book store had a used copy for only $25 minus the memory card, so I took it, and I've loved it ever since (of later in 2003 the GCs came bundled with two free games and strategy guides, and then were slashed to only $100 >.< My mommy was pretty angry. And then AC also goes on the Premiere List [or whatever] and cost only $30 new with a memory card...but I was still happy >.< so....happy...). Further more (If anyone has actually read all of this, please message me and I will apologize to you ^.^), meine Mutti has been playing with me, as well, and she loves it, and is pretty good at collecting the rare stuff >.<. We've paid off all of our villager's debt, and have the nice, pretty, shiny statues by the Train Station, and I've even set up a replica of the town in my basement, trainstation, fortune-teller's tent, fountain, even Gracie's car. XD I also have over 1 000 000 bells and got the tissue box :3 And, hopefully, when Animal Crossing II comes out, maybe it will be online, and then we can all go to each other's houses. XD

Das Ende.

15-09-2004, 04:35 PM
i have always absoultly hated this game, reminds me of Harvest Moon which is also a crappy game!


17-09-2004, 02:53 PM
i have always absoultly hated this game, reminds me of Harvest Moon which is also a crappy game!
Harvest moon is not crap, ive played every single one and they are all great games.
Anyway, animal crossing is coming out in the UK on 24th september, so only a week to go! I played an import of this game and i thought is was cool, didnt play it for long though so i dont know if it has long term playability.
But im getting it anyway :D

17-09-2004, 06:16 PM
What to do is very limited and it gets tiresome easily

18-09-2004, 10:46 AM
Surely the unlockable NES games add some playability

18-09-2004, 01:13 PM
But they are quite rare