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01-12-2007, 04:56 PM
Well Sato is a 9* A Rank Mag, pretty loved by PSO vets and pretty exploit the greed of Fortetechers. It's really hard to find him, even more than the Dori board. First you'll need Luck 3, otherwise it won't show. We will frequent Boomas spawns, sometimes instead of boomas, Giboomas appear that are rare, but the Sato mag is dropped by a Gigobooma (An uber rare monster in AoI) and has 1/36 chances of dropping you Sato. You'll have to retry, almost from 5th to 20th time a Gigobooma is used to appear and more frequently than first runs. Requires lot of patience and dedicate any day you got luck 3 in looking for one.

Why Sato is so needed?

1. Is a rare mag, 9* of Kubara, really needed for FTs who are restricted to use up to A rank mags.

2. We all know Sato from PSO, and their rumors that it can brings lot of rares during quests, and his really super cute shape. That's any reason why any player wants it, if they get it becuz of random drops, they will say they have a Force (Even if the player is HUcast only!)

PD Edge
29-01-2008, 08:28 AM
Well hello everyone who still read these boards and remembers me. Been ages yes but I was never know for posting(that and forgot about the site).

Anyway about the Sato(called Shato in PSU) its yes a 9* Tmag, with a good amount of PP and tech power. The Shato is dropped from the rare enemy Jigo Booma, which shows up on some of the new AoI maps. Place where i found mine was Sakura Blast.

The mag drops from A or S rank runs, and like all the PSU missions there are certain map variants that will have the rare spawn in them. So one can do the mission and know if you will have the spawn or not. When one does seem them in Sakura blast, its in the last block before the final spawn. I would advise anyone doing the mission to bring fire weapons, ice armor and a freeze/resist unit.