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12-09-2007, 10:03 AM
Alright, since I said I would, I'm going to make my own roleplay. omega shadow x, if you're still around, this is how it's normally done.

Storyline/background story: Many years ago, there are two stories to the creation of our so-called 'Holy Ground'. One of the tales is that many years ago, an exquisite castle stood here, where now there is but a lake. It is said that one day, the castle rose from the ground and took to the skies. It was never seen again, and all those inside have not been heard from.

The second is equally unusual, yet in this world, still possible. It states that a black meteor fell upon the castle and crushed it beneath its weight. Whichever method it was that took place, it is the work of a magician of no little skill. The area around has since become known as 'Holy Ground', as some of the more religious inhabitants of this land believe it to be a sign from God.

The area around Holy Ground is barren. Much of it is wasteland, however to the east there is a thick, dark forest, which leads to the elven home of Arein. Recently an operation succeeded in turning away the Dark Elves and the Orcs of Hexter, along with their 'pets'. Giant war scorpions and wyverns. The fighting however, destroyed part of Arein, and it is currently under reconstruction.

Where we begin: We begin in the city of Arein.
Character layout: Copy mine and use your own information.

Name: Erel Lai
Nick Name: Erel
Age: 18
Race: Human
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish-brown
Family: All deceased
General Description: (pictures will do for this section)
Elements: Wood, Metal
History: As a child, Erel used to play with her two brothers in a forest, close to her home. During the years that passed, they searched deeper into the forest, and their games became more than simple play. At the age of thirteen she began to practice with the bow, and soon proved herself to be a deadly ranged fighter. These skills however, meant little when it came to the crunch. At sixteen, as she and her brothers played in the forest, a shadow crept over them from above. Shea, a dark creature unleashed by the black wizard who stalked the forest by night. They fought valiantly against this devilish marauder, but the creature fought with the strength of a hundred soldiers. The children fled, but the demon was driven by the very whips of the void themselves, and it chased them down. The first of the brothers fell, swallowed into the dark maw of the demon. Erel grabbed her remaining brother's hand, not wanting to let him fall behind and suffer the same fate. They ran, the creature gained. they ran faster, the creature gained faster. As the light filtered through the trees and the village came into view, the fell monster lashed out with its whip-like tongue and tore Erel's grasp on her brother away. With one rancid hand, the demon ripped him apart. At the sight of this, Erel's vision became red. This would NOT go on! She drew and fired, drew and fired, again and again until the quiver at her back was empty. Tearing a branch from above her, she jammed her belt knife into it and launched it, one final defence against the fell blackness that wished to consume her body, rend her soul. The bowstring sang with the force of her draw, and snapped. The creature barely had a chance to move, as the biting steel struck home in its throat. It fell, and the hot, sticky pool of black blood moved its sluggish way across the ground. Where it had touched, naught would ever grow again, until that which created the malevolent entity had been removed from power. And so it was decided. She would journey to find the means to throw down the black wizard and avenge her brothers.
Alright, have at it. Once we get two more players, I'll start it up.
Edit: If you want more information, please PM me, so we don't clutter up the topic.

omega shadow x
23-08-2009, 01:14 AM
that okay. i gave up hope on making a story... I will just write poetry and make that my little story