View Full Version : The BIG Meet! The Snapshot Chronicles!

24-12-2006, 12:28 PM
Was fun last night, although it wasn't all that big, it was still pretty awesome, and here's some pic's for those wanting em or for those missing out! :P

Click the Links:

Snap 1 - Fabo's got Giant Dice! (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_01.jpg)

Snap 2 - Dancing Begins! (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_02.jpg)

Snap 3 - Tiff's getting a good look :/ (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_03.jpg)

Snap 4 - Everyone's on the run! (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_04.jpg)

Snap 5 - Fireball! (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_05.jpg)

Snap 6 - Actiony! (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_06.jpg)

Snap 7 - Some more robot fighting (http://www.lee-yoshi.co.uk/psusnaps/snap_07.jpg)

Enjoy! :)

24-12-2006, 02:14 PM
Very nice pictures Lee; that pretty much sums the entire meeting up! Giant dice, fire, and action. Yup!

Lee Xao Vue
24-12-2006, 08:48 PM
lol im like barely visible in any w00t ^^

Poo Fly
25-12-2006, 12:00 AM
thats alright, i'm checking out lees bumbum! :P